3 Awesome SEO Tips For Your Small Business Blog

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When you create a website or blog, you certainly put all your efforts to make it awesome. But the point is that with beautifying your blog with high quality content, you also have to pay attention towards the fact that this content is actually read. There are thousands and thousands of blogs and the number is increasing day by day. In this atmosphere, one thing that can make you prominent out of others is optimal Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Through the courtesy of Convince and Convert, here we are discussing some easy tips that will help you in improving the SEO of your blog, and get a higher rank in the results of Search Engine.

  • Use a Good SEO Plug-in:


A number of good SEO plug-ins are available that can be incorporated in to your blog to make SEO easy. One of the examples is Yoast. This is an easy to use plug-in. Yoast ranks the SEO of the content in your blog with three colors: red, yellow, and green. If it shows red color for your SEO, it means that it is not good. Yellow means the SEO is just fair, whereas, green is for good. If your content shows red or yellow color for SEO, this plug-in will give you some suggestions for improvement. It is a free plug-in and every blog should have it.

  • Research the Keywords:

B2 To drive more and relevant traffic to your blog, another good approach is to know what keywords can actually help you in this regard. Google Keyword Popularity Tool is a helpful tool that helps you in finding out the popular keyword or phrases related to your blog’s topic, services, or products.

If you run a business locally, some longtail phrases can also be helpful. For instance, if you are running a veterinary clinic in New Jersey, “veterinary clinic in New Jersey” will bring you more traffic than “veterinary clinic”. If you are running a business on national or international level, then you should not use such specific keywords.

  • Choose Permalink, and Meta-tags Carefully:

After the research, when you know the right keywords for your blog, you have to choose the best suitable one to add it at certain places. You have to add this chosen keyword to the URL (or permalink) of your blog, and to the title as well. For good SEO, use this keyword in the first   sentence of your post, and then use the sentence as the “Meta Description” of your post. If you think that meta description sounds unnatural, do edit it, but don’t forget to add the keyword in there.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a box named “Focus Keywords”, add that keyword into this box, and keep the “SEO Title” text as the title of your post (make sure that you have out the keyword there as well). Use the keyword in the body of your content. Yoast is helpful in determining how many times you should choose the keyword in to the body. At the end, you ca check the SEO of your blog post with Yoast, and it will let you know if any improvement is   required.

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