15 Tips For Maximizing Your Xbox 360!

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Let me be quick and simple.. the following will show you 15 tips you can do for your Xbox 360 to maximize it!

Let’s get started..

1. Don’t leave your system on for more than six hours. Your TV will have a ‘burnt’ picture as a result. This is also another cause of the red ring of death.

2. Your Xbox 360 is able to store music files, ripping the music from a CD. The readable disks are CD, CD-R and CD-W.

3. If you play music while playing a game at the same time, it will result in low volume sound effects. It’s best if you lower your music a bit by using the XMP – Xbox Media Player.

4. If people are annoying you on MSN, set your status to ‘Away’, ‘Busy’, or even ‘Appear Offline’. It makes your friends not talk to you. Just go the Guide-button, then ‘Personal Options’. You can change your status from there.

5. Make sure that your batteries or rechargeable batteries are fully juiced for maximum playing! Nobody wants a dead controller in the climax of a game! The Play and Charge Kit is a great accessory to have for those hardcore gamers!

6. The hard drive is detachable, and can be placed on any Xbox 360. Simply detach and your good to go!

7. USB sticks are used to store your gaming stuff as well! The higher the memory, the more the storage space!

8. You are allowed to change your gamertag. Go to your profile on the Xbox 360 Dashboard and “Edit Gamer Profile”. Then click “Gamertag”. This is a great option, however it will cost 800 MP – Microsoft points.

9. You don’t have to send a message to just your friends. Just know the person’s gamertag and send the message via the Dashboard!

10. Charge your Xbox 360 controller! This tip sounds stupid, but some people are lazy so might as well!

11. Wireless controllers are awesome! You can go into your kitchen and still be within range! (30 Feet is the max. by the way!)

12. Your Xbox 360 never turns off whenever the Play-and-Charge kit is in use. Your console is in stand-by mode, where low power is used, and the fans are still functioning. When the charging is complete, the 360 turns off the fans, but it still is in Stand-By mode.

13. You can link your Xbox 360 to two screens at the same time! Put the cable’s switch to standard def., but connect the composite line to one screen and the component (Red, Green, Blue) cables to another. [NOTE: This is NOT going to produce HD]

14. It can write it’s own blog! Seriously. All you do is sign up for 360voice.com. Your Xbox 360 then starts blogging! You don’t have to do it for it! It’s so amazing! It also has options of challenging a friend or starting a group or clan!

15. You can link your Xbox 360 to your wireless adaptor, without a Microsoft adapter! You just need a laptop with a wi-fi connection. Just go to Control Panel – Manage Network Connections (Vista). Then pick the Local Area Connection and the Wireless Network Connection directly. Now, right-click and then select ‘bridge connections’. After this, you disconnect and reconnect the wireless network, then connect a network cable from the laptop to the Xbox 360. You might have to take away the bridge (repeat the above technique and you will notice the option), whenever you would like to surf the Internet on the laptop.

Tip #15 was brought to you by this website. Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading the fifteen tips for maximizing your Xbox 360! I hope you enjoyed and implemented some of them! I look forward to talking to you soon!

Source by Edwin Nava

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