15 Times Gordon Ramsay ROASTED His Followers On Social Media

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Gordon Ramsay has definitely changed the game in the food industry. He seems to have given permission for chefs to cuss out contenders, and to not hold anything back when giving feedback to a budding chef. It has become nearly comical to watch Ramsay totally level a person out and serve a brutal dose of humble pie. But the contestants on his television shows aren’t the only victims of Ramsay’s fury. Believe it or not, Ramsay can also let it all out on his fans and followers. While most celebrities want to be nice to their fanbase, this celebrity chef just doesn’t care. That says a lot about his confidence in his fame and abilities and how he’s not willing to bend for others for the sake of fame and fortune. But, the roasting of his followers has definitely warded off any trolls that have tried to cross Chef Ramsay!

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