10 Ways To Make Money Online – How To Earn Money Online And Get Paid From Home

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Hey homies in this video I’m going to be showing 10 ways to actually make real money online!

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▶︎ 1. AMAZON KINDLE PUBLISHING [0:09]: Creating and selling ebooks is a great way to get started making some real money online, the best way to do this would be to hire ghost writers to make a quick how to eBooks about 20 pages long and repeating this over and over again.

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▶︎ 2. CREATE AND SELL YOUR OWN DIGTAL PRODUCTS/COURSES [1:24]: If you are looking for a profitable side hustle, creating and self-publishing courses might be a good idea. It’s a great solution for busy learners and a great business idea if you have something to teach other people, the potential is great, but like anywhere else, you’ll have to work hard and create something valuable people are willing to pay for.

▶︎ 3. AFFILIATE MARKETING [2:47]: If you’re looking for something that is a lot easier and quicker to start, then affiliate marketing is for you! Basically you will be promoting someone else product or service for a cut of the sale if sold.

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▶︎ 4. NICHE WEBSITES [4:37]: This method will take bit longer to start making money on autopilot however once you start getting good traffic to your website it will be a profit making machine, then you can start making more and more niche sites that the profits will all add up together!

▶︎ 5. YOUTUBE CHANNEL [6:13]: If your into making videos and recording things YouTube is defiantly the way you should be making money from, find a niche you know a lot about and start making guides and how to videos , to make money from this you’ll want to have copy-write free content then add ads to your channel and you can also use affiliate marketing, simply make a video on whatever it is your promoting then link in the description box, and watch the sales and ads revenue start flowing in!

▶︎ 6. BLOGGING FOR PROFITS [7:39]: Starting a blog is a must for anyone that wants to take making money online seriously, there are just so many things you can do with your website/blog that will make you money that it’s honestly required for online success and for ONLY $2.75/month you’d be silly not to start one when you can make under $10k a month with a blog!

▶︎ 7. EMAIL MARKETING [8:50]: Moneys in the list I said and that’s the truth with email marketing the goal is to build a big list of email addresses that you can at all time promote to by simply send the one email to the whole list! Meaning you could make huge amounts of money by sending a email!

▶︎ 8. SELLING ON AMAZON FBA [9:57]: If you can’t get the hang of marketing and getting traffic Amazon FBA is a great method to try cause Amazon does most the work for you, basically you’ll be private labelling your own physical products and selling them on Amazon FBA, which is pretty much putting your logo onto it.

▶︎ 9. FREELANCING [10:50]: If you want to start making money asap from your online work then freelancing is for you, best place to start would be fiverr.com, you can pretty much do anything that you could do online and get paid for it.

▶︎ 10. SELL STOCK PHOTOS [12:20]: Last but not least, if your a photographer or even like take a lot of selfies, this is a great way to turn your hobby into a business a lot of people online buy copyright free photos to use for their content online this is were you can come in and sell them the rights to use it.

Thank you all for the amazing support & for watching my videos hope you enjoyed/learnt a lot from this video and my eBook, many more video to come stay tuned in!

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