10 Advices to Secure WordPress Website

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10 Steps to a Secure WordPress Website

Would it surprise you to learn that the most common password submitted to websites in 2011 was the word “password”? So is it any wonder why so many people have their emails and WordPress blogs and sites attacked by hackers. If you make life easy for them then they would be a fool not to take you up on your offer to hack them. In fact it would be rude for them to not hack you.


Best 10 Tips to Secure WordPress Website

Best 10 Tips to Secure WordPress Website

When it comes to WordPress security your primary goal is to limit the access of other people, to contain the damage other people may do and to protect the data you are entering into your WordPress blog or web site. People are not very determined to get into your WordPress site because there is seldom a financial incentive, so all you need to do is make life a little more difficult for them and they will give up before they get very far. You may do this by following the tips laid out below.


 [jbox color=”white”]1.  Update regularly[/jbox]

Make sure you update your WordPress package every time there is an update available. The updates are always more secure than the older versions.


  1. Be careful where you download from


Make sure that you only ever download your WordPress installation and updates from the official WordPress website. Never download them from a third party site.


  1.  Have a strong password


Make sure that you use a very strong password on your WordPress website. Make sure that your website has lower case letters and upper case letters, and that it has both letters and numbers in it.  You should also make sure that the password is long enough. Eight characters are normally enough, but 16 are even better.


  1. Limit your other people access


In WordPress there are settings where you can make sure you only gives access to people you trust. You must however never give them full access to all of your WordPress websites features. Other users must have limited access in some way, so that you hold all of the cards


  1. Back up your blog posts


The best offence is a good defence in that you should back up your blog posts on your computer’s hard drive. This is to ensure that if your blog is damaged or hacked, then you still have your previous work at hand ready to reinstate when the problem with your blog is over.


  1. Delete the inactive


You should delete any old or inactive themes. The old themes are a WordPress vulnerability, which hackers may exploit in order to gain access to your WordPress site or blog.


[jbox color=”white”]7. Buy AV software[/jbox]

Purchase a respected and trusted anti-virus plug in for your WordPress blog, and install it on to your WordPress blog or site. Do not download an antivirus plug-in from any old website because it will hold more viruses that it will ever be able to remove.


[jbox color=”white”]8. Change your username[/jbox]

Change your username on WordPress. The default username that comes with WordPress is making life too easy for hackers. If you pick a new username then you put another roadblock in the way of hackers.


[jbox color=”white”]9. Change your password regularly[/jbox]

Change your password on a regular basis. You must do this because if a hacker does gain control of your password they are not very likely to give themselves away. They will use you are WordPress website or blog for their own purposes for as long as they can.


Sometimes you won’t even notice until you look back over one of your blog posts and see that’s some new links have appeared. If you change your password on a regular basis not only will you make it harder for people to guess your password, it will also put a stop to any hackers who are currently using your WordPress blog off site.

[jbox color=”white”]10. Only get trusted plug-ins[/jbox]

Make sure you get your plug-ins from secure and trusted sites. With that in mind, it is often a good idea to remove any old plugins, just in case they have been hacked may be being used by somebody else for something that is not very nice.



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